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XTR3 Spray Foam Rig

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What makes each and every spray foam rig from Paratus the best in the industry?

  • Unparalleled technical support and service

    When you buy from Paratus, you are not only getting the best spray foam rig in the industry, you are also getting the support, knowledge, and service from a team of professionals with dedication like no other.
  • The industry's best lead times of 7 to 10 days

    When it comes to your spray foam rig, there is no one in this industry that can do it faster than we do at Paratus. Our lead time from order to pick-up is a mere seven to ten business days on any of our XTR1, XTR2, XTR3, and even tXTR box trucks.
  • Free custom business website

    The most important aspects of advertising you can do for your spray foam business - a website - are both provided to you from Paratus for FREE. We believe in your success, and this is yet another way we demonstrate this.
Request a quote on the XTR3

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