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Spray Foam is the best and most diverse type of insulation available

With multiple types of products, rarely will you come across an application that spray foam insulation cannot handle. Residential homes, commercial buildings, roofing, and even agricultural are suitable applications for spray foam.

Spray Foam can save up to 50% on home owner's energy costs

A properly insulated home when compared to fiberglass or other insulation alternatives will be outperformed nearly 2 to 1 when chosing to use spray foam insulation.

The Federal Government is making a strong push towards environmentally friendly homes

Tax credits, rebates, even state and local programs are all available to contractors who make the choice to use spray foam insulation. More programs are being added each week and will continue.

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The XTR1 Spray Foam Rig

The XTR1 is the most popular spray foam rig from Paratus with its 16' shell, gas generator, and electric ...

The XC Mobile Spray Unit

Extreme mobility and extreme affordability are two of countless reasons that make the XC truly unique ...

The XTR2 Spray Foam Rig

The XTR2 is a 20' 14,000 GVWR bull-nose trailer built for the big jobs. Diesel power, choice of ...

The XM Mobile Spray Unit

The XTR1s is 12' + 4' V-nose trailer that is built in a shore power only configuration, but can have any ...